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Larry Moore Homeless No More

Chuck Nevius gives us an update on shoeshiner Larry Moore in today’s Chronicle (scroll down past the farmers’ market brouhaha story)

Larry Moore, the homeless shoeshine guy, looked like a million bucks Monday morning at his stand on the corner of Market and New Montgomery. He was wearing a fresh-pressed shirt and tie and said he’d been sleeping in the $600-a-month hotel room he’s booked.

Moore, who became a San Francisco celebrity when it was revealed that the city was insisting that he use his first month’s rent to pay for a sidewalk sales license, said he ended up with more than $2,500 in cash and will use the money to buy his permit, pay his rent and add to his savings account.

“What I really would like to do is thank San Francisco,” he said.

A great story …

Links to Chuck’s prior articles about Larry can be found here.

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