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Local Kitchen & Wine Merchant in Rincon Hill Open for Dinner Hours

I’m happy to pass along the word that Local Kitchen and Wine Merchant is open for dinner hours this week starting Monday, 6 p.m. until 10 p.m. at 330 1st Street (between Guy Place and Folsom). I missed an opportunity to try the food out last Monday because I was in Philadelphia, but I sent my Yelp-ing (as in Yelp.com) fanatic boyfriend Ed U. to check things out. Here is his Yelp review of his first impressions:

I’ve finally made it. I’m part of the fashionable set. The table-hoppers, the taste-makers, the trend-setters, the tummy-tuckers. I was among them all at the Monday pre-opening party of which for some inexplicable reason, I was a part. OK, so no one talked to me, but hey, no one threw me out either. Actually, I take that back …the very friendly staff spoke to me, whether it was the nice, knowledgeable guy serving the wine (ooops…he turned out to be owner and sommelier Mark Bright) or the enthusiastic waitress who recited all the ingredients of the appetizers.

Cool space. Casual with a side order of trendy. Tall ceilings. White. Very white. The walls, not the people…necessarily. Nice, long community table. This is the ‘in’ thing, isn’t it? I’m probably just not social enough to appreciate it, I guess. Me? I wandered. I weaved. I eavesdropped. I lurked among the serving trays held up by the patient wait staff. I tried to be subtle with the food, but it was kinda hard since my arm was in an outstretched position most of the evening.

Lots of tasty food, a good preview of their smallish menu. They had at least three of their specialty pizzas – the Organic Mushroom, the Tomato and Basil, and the Three Cheese. All gooey good with urban chic people far more aggressive than me pulling at those slices. The seared ahi tuna appetizer was tantalizing as the one with the poached pears and blue cheese.

The wild mushroom tartlet was exquisite enough for me to have a couple at once. Had I had a Gucci purse, I would have slid that tray right into the bag. I tried at least three of the wines of which the 2003 Reserve du Chateau de Mouton, Bordeaux Superiore, was quite lush and full-bodied with a hint of oak. Damn, I sound like a phony, but that’s because…

(start the music)
When you’re in with the in crowd,
It’s so easy to find romance!
Any time of the year, don’t you hear?
If it’s square, we ain’t there.

FOOD – 4 stars…a great start, can’t wait for a full dining experience on my dime
AMBIANCE – 4.5 stars…very SoMa, very community-chic, very ‘in’…glad they are filling in the long-standing blank between Folsom and Harrison near where Elroy’s used to be oh so long ago
SERVICE – 5 stars…such a nice server Mr. Bright is, and the wait staff, too
TOTAL – 4 stars…even if it was a preview party, I think this one has great potential…I’ll be back soon and update this review.

Sounds like a good start to me! I look forward to visiting Local Kitchen very soon and encourage you to do so as well! Stop in to just have a drink and meet some other Rincon Hill neighbors every once in awhile if nothing else. Please support these brave entrepreneurs opening at this early stage in the development of the Rincon Hill neighborhood!

2 Responses to Local Kitchen & Wine Merchant in Rincon Hill Open for Dinner Hours

  1. I just wanted to corroborate everything you’ve said! We have been there twice for dinner and twice for brunch and the food, ambiance and service, not to mention the genuine friendliness of the staff, continue to be excellent!

    We REALLY needed a place like this in the area!

    Congrats Ola, Mark and Maria!!!

  2. Brunch! Now there’s an idea for when I might have some time to stop by Local and try it out.

    Great to hear it is well liked by you! 🙂