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Medical Pot coming to the Rincon Hill neighborhood

As mentioned in a prior posting, a non-profit leasing out 527 Howard Street applied for permission to open a cannabis dispensary at the location. This past Thursday, he got the nod to go ahead and do so. I don’t believe it is a big deal one way or the other in San Francisco – a great thing if you live or work in downtown San Francisco and use prescription pot.

However, there was one Commissioner (Mike Antonini) who rightly questioned the rationale for treating the plethora of daycare centers different from a public school when the function is essentially the same. His question eminated from the fact that such a dispensary would not be allowed to open within 1000 feet of a school, and it is within 1000 feet of two of Rincon Hill’s many child day care centers that operate for the convenience of nearby parents working in the downtown office buildings. Read more about the dispensary in today’s Examiner.

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