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Red's Java House

Pier 30 at Bryant and The Embarcadero

I took a stroll this morning to see what the big rain storm left behind. The number of public trash cans with umbrellas filling them is noticeable. Blown over newspaper boxes and tree limbs also clutter the sidewalks this morning.

After a hot chocolate at Crossroads Cafe, I decided a full breakfast was in order when I spotted Red’s Java House out the corner of my eye. It sits on The Embarcadero under the Bay Bridge, just north of Bryant Street – so I guess I’ll count it as a Rincon Hill business. 🙂

Food snobs definitely need not walk into Red’s Java House. This place is humble, full of character, great folks behind the counter, and a good value for food. Where else can you find a cheeseburger in Rincon Hill for under $3?

The photos on the walls depict busier times for the piers along the eastern waterfront. I believe it is worthwhile to have a meal here just to check out the nostalgia.

They seem to be open for breakfast and lunch, Monday through Saturday (I didn’t spot the hours posted). If you have the urge for some pancakes or eggs and bacon for breakfast or maybe a reuben sandwich or a burger for lunch, keep Red’s Java House in mind. Personally, I really like Red’s…

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