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SF Port to Java House – Forget the Rent We Negotiated Last Year

Java House (not to be confused with the Rincon Hill-based Red’s Java House), located near Pier 40 facing Townsend Street across The Embarcadero in South Beach, may be leaving soon after 23 years of service to the neighborhood. You can read the whole story by Matier and Ross in today’s San Francisco Chronicle.

What bugs me about this story, besides the idea that the Port of San Francisco negotiated one rent amount last year, apparently dragged their feet on taking care of the various City government boards approving the new deal, and now they are bullying this mom and pop business right out of business by tossing aside last year’s negotiated rent for a huge, new rent amount, is that it is another example of why the Port Commission cannot be trusted by the citizens of San Francisco.

What is it with those people at the Port? I like the idea of developing the Port-managed waterfront property into something besides parking lots and dilapidated piers inherited from the State of California, but this is another incident that makes me wish we could fire the Port Commissioners and most managers at the Port of San Francisco to remove any doubts that what they’re saying is the God’s honest truth and nothing but.

In the meanwhile, I recommend the French Toast breakfast at Java House.

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