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Sharper Image Selling Corporate Office Decorations and Equipment

While wandering around the neighborhood today, I stopped in to the former Sharper Image store at 345 Spear Street out of curiosity piqued by open doors, a cash register, and a bunch of stuff for sale. The stuff for sale is mainly office decorations and equipment from the company’s 6th floor corporate headquarters. As you probably know, Sharper Image declared bankruptcy and is selling off assets. What sort of stuff is for sale? Office chairs, desks, lights, ink jet printers, electronics test equipment, left over air purifiers, MP3 players, and other this and that. I bought one of the MP3 players for $5, but I don’t think I’ll be using it as a MP3 player … some sort of high frequency noise makes it pretty unusable. Oh well …

What you may be interested in is the Peter Max art work and various statues of Darth Vader, Batman, and other pop culture icons. The artwork and statues are not located in the store – just images of the items from their spots upstairs in the office. The art and collectible items have been appraised and are priced for sale, but they will pop up on eBay on Friday, according to the gentleman operating the sale today.

With so much gloomy news about the economy, I feel the urge to add something uplifting … a fun song from the band Morcheeba, “Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day”

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