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Zip Car Promotion from Rincon Hill's Energy 92.7 FM

I received the following Zip Car promotion from the Energy 92.7 FM e-mail list. While I own a car and rarely drive it, I still had a high level of curiosity about how the Zip Car car sharing system works. With this promotion, I’ve decided to impulsively give my curiosity a chance to learn more. I’m not sure when this promotion expires, but I thought I’d share it with y’all in case you’ve also been nursing a curiosity about Zip Car.

A Special Offer from ZipCar
So you’re wondering how to save some bones every month.

Well, Zipcar is a car that’s only there when you want it-talk about a friend with benefits-so it’s bound to save you some money. You pay for a car only when you want it (by the hour or by the day) and we pay the gas and insurance.

There’s no deposit and because we love you so much we’re going to offer you a discounted membership ($25 per year and no application fee) and $64.73 in driving credit to try it out.

Just follow this link to www.Zipcar.com/energy and enter the promotional code “joeyv” to get started.

Speaking of Energy 92.7 FM, they have a promo running on their station right now that notes their studio is based in San Francisco’s Rincon Hill neighborhood. Fabulous! As an aside, Zip Car’s San Francisco office is also in the Rincon Hill neighborhood, at the corner of 2nd and Howard Streets.

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