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Greater Rincon Hill CBD Ballots – Vote YES!

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors has approved an election for property owners within the boundaries of the proposed Greater Rincon Hill Community Benefit District (CBD) on the formation of the District.  Ballots should go in the mail this Friday, June 12, 2015.

This is the home stretch – and finally, a chance to ramp up the cleanliness, public safety, and infrastructure (via an Infrastructure Financing District funding mechanism that only kicks in with the IFD formation). One special and much needed benefit is that there will be full-time, paid advocates for our neighborhood to hold City Hall accountable and keep us in the forefront among many other paid advocates for this and that non-profit, special interest group, and other neighborhoods.  We NEED full-time attention, and the CBD establishes it for our neighborhood.

Here’s the link to the Greater Rincon Hill CBD Management Plan – but please be sure to VOTE YES and return  your ballot ASAP.

We should be very thankful towards Katina, Lauren, John, Oz, and the team at MJM Management Group for the immense effort over several years they have invested in helping Rincon Hill/Transbay get sewn together via this new CBD that I hope we will successfully see formed this July.

2 Responses to Greater Rincon Hill CBD Ballots – Vote YES!

  1. This area generates incredible tax revenue for the City of SF. Some of these condos generate over $10MM of property taxes a year. I don’t see why we should have to increase our taxes further, when we already pay more than our fair share.

  2. I hear ya, but I am afraid the City’s current management has taken a firm stance that new neighborhoods like ours will not get squat without forming a CBD to pay to maintain any new parks or safer sidewalks. The CBD will be our non-profit that will be focused on us, and that is a lot more than we will get from the City for a long time when many much poorer groups of people show up at City Hall and make their case for tens of millions of dollars of services while our neighborhood does not vote, participate in politics, etc. I think this helps to make sure we are getting quality of life services while also helping us to build strength and maybe some day be able to compete with the many other special interest groups vying for resources from the City.