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Greater Rincon Hill CBD Management Plan Released

The Greater Rincon Hill Community Benefit District (CBD) Management Plan was released Friday, May 1, 2015.  Please take a moment to read the Management Plan if your property sits within the boundaries of the proposed CBD. The annual parcel tax costs for each property is listed in the document.

If your property sits in the boundaries, you will soon receive a petition asking if you’d like to support the neighborhood’s plans to form this non-profit CBD to focus on supplementing public safety, cleanliness, and parks operations (on Transbay Rooftop Park, Guy Place pocket park, etc.).

There is an ambitious one week turnaround deadline for the petitions, so please fill it out and return it right away after you receive the petition if you agree that we need a CBD to focus on our community’s safety, cleaning, and other public infrastructure maintenance needs.

Learn more at www.RinconHillCBD.org


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