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Nominate volunteers of Rincon Hill Dog Park for recognition!

Please take a moment to nominate the Rincon Hill Dog Park & Open Space for an “Outstanding Park Volunteer Group” award!

Use the following link to recognize our Gatekeepers, Clean & Sweep and trash hauling Community Volunteers along with our local small business sponsor.    http://empowersf.org/the-5th-annual-nen-awards   Deadline is December 3rd.  Please do it today.

Why?  Since our park’s grand opening in February 2012 – our park has been 100% Community Volunteer supported!  (Actually, almost a year since the soft opening in mid-December).  Seventeen committed Gatekeeper Volunteers (including Scott and Todd Hart of the Patrol Special Police) coordinated by Áine O’Connell who open and close 7 days a week at 6 am & 10 pm.  Monthly Clean & Sweep Volunteers maintaining the park. Our  local small business, Pawtrero Hill Bathhouse & Feed Co who provides cleanup bags. And, a brave team that empties the trash.

Why? Our dogs love the space.

How?  Use the link above to access the nomination form and scroll down to the “Outstanding Park Volunteer Group” and cut ‘n paste some of the facts above mixed with your own thoughts or go original.  Either way – please recognize these outstanding volunteers who provide a clean and fun environment for our entire Community.

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