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Corrections Here and There to Rincon Hill Resident Guide

I wouldn’t normally post this information, but it is a bit of a slow week between holidays.

It seems like every time I read the first edition of the Rincon Hill Resident Guide, I find another grammar issue or something I overlooked during earlier editing. I have been uploading copies of the guide with those items modified or corrected to my liking. I haven’t added any substantive information to the guide since I first made it available on the 26th – just refined the wording of sentences and some formatting here and there.

Download the Rincon Hill Resident Guide

6 Responses to Corrections Here and There to Rincon Hill Resident Guide

  1. Can’t help but notice that your boundaries for Rincon Hill are completely wrong! Double-checked with the Planning Dept.’s Rincon Hill Plan, which states in the Introduction, “It is bounded generally by Folsom Street, the Embarcadero, Bryant Street, Beale Street, the Bay Bridge approach and Essex Street.” Your map shows it including the entire south Financial District, Transbay area and into SOMA. Might want to fix that!

  2. There’s nothing to fix. Yes, the Rincon Hill Plan and the Transbay Plan are separate due to the very different circumstances of the properties involved (private property in Rincon Hill versus mostly public property (state-owned) in the Transbay plan). Both plans work together so far as the streetscape and singular neighborhood design goes …. Folsom Boulevard is planned to act as the mid-point of the new residential neighborhood and run from 2nd Street to The Embarcadero while Beale, Main, and Spear Streets will become traffic-calmed neighborhood streets running from Bryant Street north to Market Street. I appreciate the comment, but the Rincon Hill neighborhood from a residential standpoint envelopes multiple Planning Department areas.

  3. I’ll add that the Rincon Hill residential area of the 1800s stretched to 3rd Street and included South Park.

  4. Thanks Jamie for the quick response. I wasn’t really interested in getting into the whole Planning Dept’s multiple plans for downtown as justification, I just thought that would be a good place for me to double-check the boundaries. I know from living in SF for half of my life that Rincon Hill doesn’t include half of the area that you are showing! Certainly anything north of Folsom is not called Rincon by anyone I know. You seem to have such a wonderful knowledge of the area and it’s history, I was just so surprised by the map! How long have you lived in Rincon Hill?

  5. I moved from Potrero Hill over to the Rincon Hill in December 2006. This area has a really neat history … I wish I had the time to dive into it even more to expand upon the bits and pieces I’ve learned from articles and a book focused on Rincon Hill. I’m excited about the area’s future.

  6. It certainly has a rapidly changing future! (btw, I think that the Planning Dept. has separate plans more because they seem to love writing “plans” than because of the zoning!) You might just want to label your map as the general residential “neighborhood” that is being planned for the whole area moreso than as “Rincon Hill” itself. Longer-time San Franciscans will know that RH is only Folsom/Bryant/Embarc/Fremont, but I wouldn’t want newcomers to think that all the area outlined on your map is Rincon Hill, because it is not.