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What Would a New Rincon Hill Resident Want to Know?

I have a little bit of a break from my part-time job of teaching University of Phoenix Online courses until November 20th. Although my full-time job seems to be absorbing a lot of that extra time these days (everybody likes to catch up on work on Saturday evenings, right? Right?!?), I hope to create some materials here on www.RinconHillSF.org in my free time that will be helpful to folks who move into Rincon Hill.

I’m soliciting your input on what information do you believe would be helpful in a sort of “New Rincon Hill Residents Guide?”

Things I’m considering right now:

  • Suggest they sign up for the RinconHillSF Email Digest on Google Groups first thing to stay up to date with what is happening in Rincon Hill and the surrounding area!
  • City services (police, fire, NERT, parking, DPW, graffitti abatement)
  • Locations of postal offices, libraries, gyms, grocery/markets, bus stops, coffee shops
  • Pedestrian safety tips
  • Cable TV, phone, utility, and other services
  • Sailing/boat rentals

Have any information that you would like to contribute to the guide? Please email me at rinconhill@gmail.com with the information you think would be handy to include. I’d like to include your first name and the name of the building you live in along with the entry if that is okay (please include that information in the email). Your suggestions are always welcome, but I’d like to collect information for the first edition by November 17th.

Speaking of contributions, please let me know if you’d like to contribute entries to the RinconHillSF.org blog about neighborhood happenings and upcoming (or past) events.

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