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SBRMBNA’s Initial Warriors Arena Survey Results Posted Online

The South Beach | Rincon | Mission Bay Neighborhood Association received responses from 741 stakeholders who offered their opinions at this very early stage on what is going through their minds about a 19,000 seat arena on Piers 30-32 that may operate over 200 days per year. This should provide the City with a pretty clear understanding of what is causing anxiety about an arena at Piers 30-32.

What the survey responses say to me is that almost everyone likes to go to a party, but not everybody wants to be forced to experience the party and clean up after it.  The City will need to commit to maintaining the freedom to travel for neighbors and sweeping the neighborhoods up of trash, puke, and so on that drunk and high people walking from Caltrain or BART/Transbay will most certainly deposit on their path to Piers 30-32. The issues associated with nightclub patrons and the loiterers who just like to watch and cause trouble get magnified 100x’s with a 19,000 capacity concert venue.

What we haven’t even touched upon in this first survey which impacts neighbors even more is the question of what will be developed on the Seawall Lot 330 at Beale and Bryant Streets around the existing Watermark residential condo tower.

If I were Mayor, I would say this week, “We will create a fund to mitigate both local traffic and regional transit problems related to Piers 30-32 that has a guaranteed funding source, substantive metrics to make sure residents’ freedom to travel is not severely impacted, and for which funds cannot be diverted to any other uses for the rest of time – and will be funded with a 5% surcharge on the face value of tickets to all events with a  minimum charge for “free” events. We  will close off The Embarcadero northbound at 3rd Street, Embarcadero southbound at Harrison Street, and create a 3-block buffer for local resident and public transit traffic only (with reasonable exceptions beside Bay Bridge and event commuters who will have to travel north on Main Street or something like that instead of going over to The Embarcadero northbound) between 3pm and 8pm on every event night, both AT&T Park and Warriors Arena, and that I promise will help alleviate the air pollution that causes cancer and asthma in your children, will help make the streets safer for everyone, and will provide some peace in a part of San Francisco that we ask so much of already with extremely intense uses every weekday. We will create a second fund with a guaranteed funding source that cannot be diverted to other uses to pay for extra SFPD patrolling of the neighborhoods and a sweep of the trash/vomit/urine after every event.”  I’d guess if the Mayor said that, a lot of anxiety would get nipped in the bud right now.  The remainder would be folks who absolutely object to such a massive building and increase in the height limit on the waterfront – and I’m not sure there’s any compromise available there, but we’ll see….

Please visit the SBRMBNA Warriors Arena web page to download a “survey highlights” PDF file or to download an Excel file with the raw data that you can analyze on your own!

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