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SoMa Leadership Council Meeting

Another neighborhood group you might consider joining … if nothing else, try to meet Jim Meko, the group’s President, and learn if he might be someone you’d like to see as Supervisor for District 6 in 2011 (election in 2010).

Draft Agenda
SoMa Leadership Council
Wednesday, February 18, 2009
6:00 PM at The Arc of San Francisco
180 Eleventh Street, 2nd floor (wheelchair accessible)
“… to ensure that South of Market remains a compassionate, diverse, vibrant and complete neighborhood.”

Next week: project reviews

Two developments here in South of Market come before the SoMa Leadership Council next week.

The Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation (TNDC) brings their family housing project at 1036 Mission Street to us for discussion. Family housing at 7th and Mission Street? Well, at first blush it might seem like an inappropriate area for raising kids but there are families all over the neighborhood. The alleys teem with kids. Non-profit housing projects, including Mercy Housing’s development at 10th and Mission Street, dot the landscape. Along the Sixth Street corridor, you often find four or five family members crammed into single room occupancy hotel rooms. No one needs decent housing more. But what’s it like living in the neighborhood? What are the gaps that need to be filled? Good questions for both the SoMa Stabilization Fund and the Western SoMa Task Force and for the neighbors. Please join us. The kids deserve a complete neighborhood.

Postal facility on Townsend Street

Next door to another site that the Mayor’s Office of Housing (MOH) once targeted for family housing, the United States Postal Service has purchased the former electrical supply warehouse at 550 Townsend Street for an expanded postal facility. Plans include an interior remodel (including a complete ADA compliant retrofit), a covered loading dock and new perimeter fencing. The MOH project has since been abandoned but neighboring Gilbert and Lucerne alleys have been identified as potential Residential Enclave Districts in the Western SoMa Community Plan and special care needs to be taken to protect the existing residents’ quality of life. Federal projects are exempt from most local review but the project sponsors have agreed to meet with us and listen to neighborhood concerns.

Safety Forum on March 10

The Alliance for a Better District 6 is organizing a safety forum with the goal of creating a district-wide safety platform. A coalition of community groups, including the SoMa Leadership Council, are co-sponsoring the event which will be held on Tuesday, March 10th at 6:00 PM at 201 Turk Street in the community room. Anyone interested in making a financial contribution should call (415) 820-1560 for more information.

Help set the agenda

On Wednesday, please bring along your suggestions for future guests and subject matter. Also, bring some fruit, a snack or a little dessert for your neighbors. And as always, don’t forget that this is a great opportunity to share information about local political, social and cultural activities with everyone at next week’s SoMa Leadership Council.

The SoMa Leadership Council meets on the third Wednesday of every month at The Arc of San Francisco. The council is a private neighborhood organization but the public is always welcome to attend and participate. For more information, visit us at …


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