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SoMa Leadership Council Meets Wednesday

From Brian at the SoMa Leadership Council ….

SoMa Leadership Council
Wednesday, April 21, 2010
6:00 PM at The Arc of San Francisco
180 Eleventh Street, 2nd floor (wheelchair accessible)

“… to ensure that South of Market remains a
compassionate, diverse, vibrant and complete neighborhood.”


San Francisco Entertainment Commission:
Reset or Delete?

With the current standoff between police, nightclubs, and neighbors over nightlife regulation, some are thinking, “Let’s scrap the entire Entrainment Commission and create a new one. Let the current commission handle promotion of the industry and create a new group to deal strictly with enforcement.” Others, however, are not so keen on the idea of throwing the olive out with the martini. While they agree the Commission is not perfect, they remind us of the successes that have taken place since its inception in 2002 and feel the commission can be reformed.

We’ve got plenty of scapegoats; what we’re striving for are solutions.


1. Introductions and announcements

2. Letter of Approval: Fire Station’s new location in SoMa

3. San Francisco Entertainment Commission: Round Table Discussion

* Commission Members
* Promote and Regulate
* Permits
* How Best to Reform the Entertainment Commission

4. Adjournment


Transform Sumner Street into a Pedestrian Plaza

Located near 8th and Howard Streets, ClementinaSF’s goal is to improve both Sumner and the 600 block of Clementina Streets. Further, their organization would like pedestrian improvements to continue west of 8th and include the 700 block of Clementina Street. For more information, see www.ClementinaSF.org.

San Francisco: Fill Up America Volunteer Opportunity

When: Friday, Apr 23, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm (repeats weekly until June 12)
Where: 1074 Folsom Street

What: OneTaste is proud to host Fill Up America, an organization dedicated to giving back to the world by matching surplus food with underfed bellies. Fill Up America finds growers, producers and distributors who have more food than they want, and delivers it to those who need it. Life is abundant and we believe that giving away our surplus allows us to have more.

The SoMa Leadership Council meets on the third Wednesday of every month at The Arc of San Francisco. The council is a private neighborhood organization but the public is always welcome to attend and participate. For more information, visit us at …


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