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South Park Playground Update

From our friend Toby Levy in regards to South Park …

South Park Playground Update:

Older kids playground.  In case you have noticed the yellow caution tape, it seems that various horizontal surfaces have rotted away, with the potential of injury to its users.  Rec and Park are replacing the boards, area by area.  The verticals seem ok for now.   The long term viability of this structure will need to be considered…

Younger Kids Playground. Since we have almost no equipment left in this playground, due to sequential deterioration and removal of the other equipment, we will be applying for a grant for funds to try and secure some new equipment.  The precise design etc. will be a result of the next process.

Survey: If you haven’t already don’t this please go http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/P35F8TV, to fill out the survey.

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