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Bright idea: Transbay bicycle parking facility with showers at 2nd and Howard Streets

Mike Grisso, a Project Manager with the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency, had a fabulous idea today for how to use some public open space within the Transit Center District plan area. The idea came up this evening during the Transbay CAC meeting held at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

Joshua Switzky of the Planning Department was discussing the open space aspects of the Transit Center District Plan, and he mentioned a NE corner lot at Howard and 2nd Street that could serve as public open space and a connector to the new Transbay Transit Center. When the topic of bicycle parking requirements within the commercial buildings came up, Mike mentioned the Chicago Bike Station at Millennium Park as an idea to consider for utilizing the open space at 2nd and Howard Street. My first reaction was BRILLIANT!

If you read about the Chicago Bike Station, you learn that the facility provides the following wonderful amenities for folks who bicycle into downtown Chicago:

  • 300 secure bicycle parking spaces
  • Lockers, showers, and towel service
  • Bicycle repair shop
  • Bicycle rentals
  • Guided bicycle tours of Chicago

The folks who put the center together even provide a phone number for those cities (San Francisco??) who would like to build their own bike station.

If your city or company would like to open a Cycle Center, we would love to help. Please call us at: 888-BIKE-WAY.

I believe that we should use this land at 2nd and Howard Streets to set up a Bike Station for office workers or folks who just want to visit the downtown area via their bicycles. It would be open 24 hours and provide a safe place for folks to park their bicycles during the day or even overnight where they can also take a shower, get cleaned up to go to work or to wherever the final destination may be.

I hate to overwhelm Joshua Switzky at the Planning Department with e-mails, but if you’d also like to see a bike station that provides bicycle parking, showers, lockers, and towels (along with some other bicycle-related amenities) on the land at 2nd and Howard Street and funded by the new commercial developments as part of their public open space contributions within the Transit Center District, please send an e-mail to Joshua.Switzky@sfgov.org and write into the subject line “Transit Center District Plan – Suggestion” Let Joshua know you’d like to see a bike station on the open space land at 2nd and Howard Streets in the developing Transit Center District Plan area.

Photo by Steve VancePhoto credit: Steve Vance

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