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California High-Speed Rail Authority Sabotaging Transbay JPA?

Why would the California High-Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA) start creating uncertainty about the San Francisco terminus for their high-speed rail train at exactly the point in time that the Transbay Joint Powers Authority is attempting to get a $400 million grant from the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) via the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)? The ARRA money is intended to stimulate job creation, and that requires “shovel ready” projects. CHSRA is suddenly talking about a San Francisco terminus at 4th & King in Mission Bay (Caltrain station) or between Mission and Harrison along Beale Street in Rincon Hill (purely delusional considering the property acquisitions this location would require).

People with common sense believe that the San Francisco terminus was decided upon by the voters of California in November 2008 when we passed Prop 1A. If you look up the exact legislation for Prop 1A, it clearly states in Article 2:

It is the intent of the Legislature by enacting this chapter and of the people of California by approving the bond measure pursuant to this chapter to initiate the construction of a high-speed train system that connects the San Francisco Transbay Terminal to Los Angeles Union Station and Anaheim, and links the state’s major population centers, including Sacramento, the San Francisco Bay Area, the Central Valley, Los Angeles, the Inland Empire, Orange County, and San Diego consistent with the authority’s certified environmental impact reports of November 2005 and July 9, 2008.

The Governor and Attorney General have the power to make the CHSRA folks cease this monkeying around and gambling with thousands of potential jobs in San Francisco if the Transbay JPA wins the $400 million grant. Tune in to Eric’s Transbay Blog entry to learn how to contact Arnold and to let him know that there should be no question that the Transbay Transit Center is the San Francisco terminus for California’s high-speed rail train.

4 Responses to California High-Speed Rail Authority Sabotaging Transbay JPA?

  1. Judge Kopp claimed that the TBT was not eligible for stimulus funding. He said that issue was decided at some committee meeting. Why he wants to kill off HSR at the TBT is the big question. Who is this Gensler firm working for? They are representing some client that is pushing a Beale street station.

  2. Why? Quentin Kopp has a personal problem with the Director of the Authority, that is why. Kopp is a vindicative, hateful man who puts his personal gain above all else. The Authority on the Peninsula says to voters the route was chosen by voters and cannot be changed, when it was not limited to Pacheco and Altamont was listed, though as a confuse ruse. Transbay Terminal is clearly listed as the terminus, period – but the Authority can change that because Kopp intimidates the staff into followiing his wishes and they give in like cowering puppies. This should spell the end of Kopp on the Authority. He is a hypocrite and a liar.

    Jay Tulock, Vacaville

  3. Or maybe the JPA should listen to the HSR authority and others stating the Tranbay Terminal design for the train portion is completely incompetant and wont work very well. The curves are too tight for the approach and room is too limited at the station. Not to mention the horrible dungeon design for the train station with pillars everywhere.

    Its not sabotage, but the incompetant Transbay JPA shooting themselves in the foot!!

  4. The TBT is to small and no matter what any moron like Jay says its not Kopp it a poor desgin.. We are going to build HSR here Types like Jay can move..dont worry they are the same old buzzards sucking off prop 13 welfare with there homes