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Dangers in the Bike Lane on Folsom at Essex

Be extra careful while bicycling east on Folsom Street between 2nd Street and Essex … apparently, there are some new barriers/cones that are catching drivers by surprise and triggering lane changes that endanger bicyclists in the bicycle lane.

From SeeClickFix.com

Molly entered: Dangerous Bike Intersection

At the moment, the turnoff onto the Bay Bridge at Folsom and Essex is very dangerous for cyclists. Recently, a soft barrier was installed that defines the two lanes exiting right. The bike lane is set up such that cyclists have to come out of the lane into traffic to the left of the barrier. This issue is made even worse by the fact that many drivers realize very late that they don’t want to be in the turn lane and must merge left. This is a very popular bike route and I think the lane markers need to be changed so there is a clear area for cyclists.

folsom and essex,San Francisco,CA 94105,USA

A second entry regarding bicycle safety on Folsom near Essex …

Landscaping request Bike Lane

The Bike lane running in between the two freeway entrance lanes turning on to Essex has become less safe with the addition of cones requiring cars to turn right. I’ve been cut off twice now by vehicles realizing they want to go straight. Also the bike lane just disappears at that point. All around this is not a very safe layout. 2 Essex St,San Francisco,CA 94105,USA

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