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Notes from Transbay JPA CAC meeting on July 17, 2007

Illustration from www.TransbayCenter.org

I finally found the free time to attend a Transbay JPA Citizens Advisory Committee meeting this evening. I will DEFINITELY attend the rest of the meetings over the next decade or so if they continue serving up fantastic, free spreads of food like they did at tonight’s meeting. Don’t tell the public and screw it up for the rest of us! I joke because it disturbs me a little bit (we need money….. to buy more cookies and deli trays for the CAC meetings??). Oh yeah, and two guys seemed to be just there for the food, taking turns leaning against the wall in the corner right against the table with all the food … I got the vibe that they worked for the City in some capacity since they were not CAC members and had no comments or questions during the meeting.

Anyway … if you attend a meeting (for more than just the awesome catering), brace yourself for a bit of a smartass of a Chair for the CAC. He couldn’t fight the urge to shoot off some deprecating humor aimed at the presenters. Another member, who I see at practically EVERY public meeting I’ve attended in the City, has this disgusting tendency to snort and to make other sinus-related noises during the meeting. Eww!!

The first hour or so of the meeting covered the California High Speed Rail project. The assistant director of the project showed a 10 minute video and then discussed the current status and potential links into San Francisco. He said there is a $10 billion bond issue on the 2008 ballot, and he’s pleading for folks who want to see high speed rail eventually become a reality to write Gov. Schwarzenegger and encourage him to provide the agency the needed funding to keep on trucking.

There will be a public hearing about high speed rail at San Francisco City Hall on August 23, 2007 from 4pm until 6pm if you’re interested.

The last half hour or so was spent discussing the temporary Transbay Terminal plans. The location of the temporary terminal site is the land surrounded by Howard, Main, Folsom, and Beale Streets. This is the site that I hope to see a decent sized park in the middle some year (after 2014).

Early plans indicate that Muni buses would have stops along the Main Street portion of the temporary terminal. AC Transit and Greyhound (along with SamTrans and possibly other services) would enter the temporary terminal from Folsom Street near Main (that means Folsom eastbound would lose the northernmost lane of traffic to the westbound buses) and would exit onto Beale Street in a lane reserved for buses only that can travel northbound (eliminating a regular traffic lane on Beale). Some other bus services might pick up from the Beale Street side of the temporary terminal.

The Greyhound terminal is targeted for sitting on the southside of the temporary terminal lot.

The purpose of the temporary facility is to accomodate bus operations while the existing terminal is demolished and the new Transbay Transit Center is constructed – a period of no more than 5 years.

The design contract was awarded to a firm called Carter Burgess for the temporary terminal. Community meetings are scheduled to begin in September (that means us folks – let’s show up!). Design completion is scheduled for March 2008. Construction on the temporary terminal is set to being in November 2008 with full operations slated for October 2009. The new Transbay Transit Terminal is scheduled to open in January 2014.

If you have questions about the temporary terminal, please contact Bob Beck, Senior Program Manager with the Transbay JPA via email at rbeck@transbaycenter.org.

As an aside, a public presentation of the possible designs for the new Transbay Transit Center will happen at City Hall in the Board of Supervisors Chamber on August 6, 2007 at 5:30PM. The designs will include the terminal and the Transbay Tower (the tower that may just end up being 1200′-1400′ high – pending outcomes of the Planning Department meetings beginning July 25th).

If you want to check out the next TJPA CAC meeting, it is scheduled to happen on August 14, 2007 at 5:30pm at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, 701 Mission Street, 2nd floor conference room.

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