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Prop 1A Looks Like a Winner – High Speed Rail a Huge Win for Rincon Hill Neighborhood!

Putting aside my obvious disappointment with Proposition 8’s victory that takes away fundamental rights, there were lots of other positive, wonderful decisions made by the voters on Tuesday.

From a neighborhood perspective, the High Speed Rail bond question, proposition 1A, was a huge win (knock on wood – there are still thousands of ballots to be counted statewide). While we see the parking lot bordered by Main, Howard, Beale, and Folsom Streets fenced in and demolition beginning as the first steps towards a Transbay Temporary Terminal being constructed, the value of the new terminal just increased ten fold now that there is (relative) certainty that it will indeed offer Caltrain service and, eventually, the first high speed rail system in the United States.

While the funding for the first phase of construction of the new Transbay Transit Center is already secured, the funding for the second phase (extending Caltrain from the station at 4th Street and Townsend over and underground to the new Terminal) is still being worked out. Prop 1A helps to fill the gap a little bit …. and every little bit helps!

Learn more details about plans for the new Transbay Transit Center at the Transbay JPA web site. Learn more about the high speed rail plans at the California High Speed Rail Authority web site.

Citywide, it was important that the San Francisco General Hospital bond item (measure A) get passed, and it did. It was also important that the 911 service fee be officially approved, and it was.

If you haven’t already done so, please sign up to become a permanent vote by mail voter for the next election.

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