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Temporary Transbay Terminal Opening August 7th

The Temporary Transbay Terminal will finally begin operations on August 7th. The Temporary Terminal has been pretty much ready to go for several months as most of us who walk by the site every day know. The opening was delayed due to the timing of a decision of a $400 million ARRA grant from the Federal Rail Authority which will enable the Transbay JPA to save $100 million overall on the project by digging out the train box below ground in the first phase of the development of the new Transbay Transit Center instead of the costlier option of building it in phase 2.

I’m just happy that plastic wrap is no longer going to be needed (I hope) to keep wrapping the trash cans along Main Street after folks insist on tossing their trash into the bins despite the saran wrapping.

Learn more about the Temporary Terminal at www.TemporaryTerminal.org.

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