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Temporary Transbay Terminal Set to Open in August

At the Transbay JPA Board meeting last Thursday, a timeline was released that pushed the opening date of the Temporary Transbay Terminal from a tentative opening this month to August 2010.  Matier & Ross let us know that it cost about $18 million.

Rumors are floating around that we may see President Obama in August at the kick-off of the first phase of the Transbay Transit Center project (demolition of the existing terminal followed by a year or two of digging and building the “train box” below ground that was made possible by the $400 million grant from the FRA’s ARRA money).  If not President O. himself, expect to see a big kickoff event with Governor Schwarzenegger, Senators Feinstein and Boxer, House Speaker Pelosi, and every useless career politician in town who is up for re-election or election to their next gig this year (seriously – have you seen the budget deficits for the City and County of San Francisco and the State of California?!? Except Jeff Adachi – he gets total respect from me with his public pension ballot initiative that proves to me he is a leader looking out for future generations).

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