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Temporary Transbay Terminal Site – Public Meeting Monday, September 17th

If you’re signed up for the weekly email digest, you may have already seen this event listed.

A public outreach meeting regarding the Temporary Terminal facilities is scheduled for September 17, 2007 (Monday), 5:30-7:30 pm, at the Port of San Francisco Bayside Conference Rooms 1-4, Pier One, The Embarcadero, San Francisco. Walk north of the Ferry Building, and the entrance is just past Pancho de Villa taqueria. RSVP via email or phone (415) 597-4620 (though you can probably just show up too).

You can learn more at the Transbay Transit Center web site.

The temporary terminal site’s construction will start next August (2008) and operate as the bus depot for AC Transit, SamTrans, GG, Greyhound, and Muni until the new Transit Terminal is finished in 2014.

There is little question about the location of the temporary terminal at this point, but I believe this is a good meeting to attend no less to ask questions and to try to influence the design of the temporary terminal.

I believe the main entrance is tentatively going to be on Beale Street just north of Folsom Street (buses only will be able to head north on Beale at that location), and the buses will exit out of the temporary terminal onto Folsom heading west. On Main Street, the intention is to have Muni bus lines pick passengers up from curb (I assume the buses will be able to drive south so that the door is facing the sidewalk).

I look forward to the progress on the new terminal and the neighborhood overall. It may feel like a long 7 years, but the projects already near completion like Infinity and One Rincon Hill help the progress along – and will hopefully encourage a Trader Joe’s (I’m just hopin’) and other retailers to open up in Rincon Hill sooner rather than later – and to stay open on the weekends.

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