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Transbay Demolition Update

From our friends at the Transbay JPA …

Transbay Demolition Update: Howard Street Overpass Successfully Removed, Beale Street overpass (between Howard and Folsom) slated for this weekend
This past weekend, we successfully removed the ramp over Howard Street.  This coming weekend, August 20- August 23 we are moving on to the Beale Street ramp between Howard and Folsom Streets.  Due to the location and size of the ramp, Beale Street will be closed from 10:00 pm on Friday, August 20 until 5:00 am Monday, August 23. In order to remove the ramp within that time frame, 24 hour work will be required over the weekend.

The TJPA has placed a moratorium on jackhammering in between the hours of 11:00 pm and 6:00 am, however all other activities will be ongoing 24 hours a day during the specified hours of demolition.

Demolition is required in order to make way for the new Transbay Transit Center at First and Mission Streets.

If you have any general questions about the Transbay Transit Center Project, please call Courtney Lodato or Adam Alberti at (415) 227-9700.

If you have any time sensitive questions regarding demolition activities, please call our 24 hour number, (415) 409-TJPA (8572).

For a more detailed schedule of demolition activities and upcoming street closures, please visitwww.transbaycenter.org/demolition

4 Responses to Transbay Demolition Update

  1. Heard a loud explosion during the night on Tuesday; figured it was part of the demolition of the terminal. Got to walk over and see what’s going on. Maybe Friday.

  2. I Suppose many of the Workers were thrilled to see the Overpass Go AWay.That is Progress.The Homeless that lived under the Overpass will linger on Side Streets until Apathy goes away.The Photo-OP that Gavin Had the Day he used the System to Give TWO Older Homeless Citizens an SRO.They were the Lucky ones.There are only so Many SROs and They ended up with the days allotment for Entire city.More SROs need to be Built so the Deserving Homeless Citizens can be housed with dignity.I have learned from being on the streets one fact for sure.Many of the Would be clients will Behave abhorably when housed because many are beyond help.They have passed the point where they are no Longer able to Be social.Society has ignored many of these Citizens for over Ten and Twenty years and now when they decide to do something I am afraid it is too late for some.The Money would just be wasted unlees some kind of SIMPLE task Work was created.I am Going to be Taking Interest in this as I Pull Myself Up and Go Back To School.I am The Exception to the Rule.That has Become quite clear to me..
    Many of the Homeless that are long term have no work history so it would be hard to assimilate them into society again.That is why the need for Outreach is Importanmt to these Short term homeless who still have work skills and Only a Small work Gap and can be productive.These Homeless Citizens tend to avoid the Services offered because of the Long term Abusers of the system.Simply Put the Lazy Fucks and Druggies are wasting resources.The So Called Safety Net has been a Long term Hammock for so many Dope feinds that when the Newly Milled Down and Out Homeless Baby Boomers who have succombed to the recession neeed services they are crowded out by these abusers of the System.That Sucks For All Concerned inside and Outside.I Understand how some of You Residents feel I Lived in Avalon Towers For Almost a year,.Apt 1010 in The Building Next to Harrison Street.Five Yeras Later After some Medical issues and Becoming disabled I was Living ON BEALE STREET.LITERALLY.
    NO SHIT It It can happen!
    I have decided to no longer complain and whine.I will be at cause and do something if it takes the next few years.I was recently blessed with SSI and I will use that(As a Safety Net Not a hammaock) to go back to school soon and take Some Certificate courses .Then my College degree will be useful again and I will be working in Outreach..
    I struggle with Being homeless because there is not any Affordable SRO Housing in this City.I watch as The Care For Crackheads House Druggies that are Indigent for the Federal Money and The baby Boomers on Stipends that can’t afford Housing get to wait on Long Lists that THC,TNDC and HUD have.Have I made My Point yet? I am Sorry to say this but this Affects the Quality of Life for the Residents of District Three as well as the quality of Life for the More responsible Homeless.There is a reason some of these Homeless are over here.They can’t stand the Dope fiends and Criminals in The Tenderloin either.
    Ferry Park Needs a Break as well as The Ferry Buiding Area.The City would do well to Help the Responsible Homeless at least store their belongings so the stigma can be at least Hidden.
    Apathy seems to be the Order of the day.Kindness Kills Apathy.To Ignore the Housing Needs of Homeless Baby Boomers is Apathy at It’s worst.
    Please Urge The supervisors to Buid More SRO Housing.The SRO Movement and The struggle of the International Hotel and the need for SROs is a Four Decades Old Issue Now.When will there be Dignity and more SROs buil?Then the City Needs to Implement a Master Lease Program where SRO Owners can Have Covenant law on their side to deal with Bad SRO Tenants without evictions then we will get somewhere and House the Homeless Baby Boomers and Kick the Dope Fiends to the Curb..I am a Bleeding heart Liberal That thinks we need to be Much more conservative when dealing with SRO TENANTS.San Francisco is Getting the reputation for Not caring if these Hard Core Druggies are Housed on The Publics dime.
    Want To Know why I personally stay away from The Great services(Yes I am Sarchastic) offered in the Tenderloin.Has Anyone seen the Keith Richards Look alikes in Line at Glide and St Anthonys Latelly You can;t miss em they are next to the crackheads.I Don’t Smoke cigarettes and Find Everyone else in Line does.Once again these Services being the way they are makes the City more full of Panhandlers.
    I am Happy To see that Bank of America has Finally Included a Beeping noise when the ATMs still have the Clients card in The ATM.The ATM on Market and Stueart was a target for Thieves that would wait Until am Unknowing Client would walk off and Leave their Bank Card in the ATM and They would Run Up and Press YES just in time and Clean Out the Account.Sub Scum Thieves.

    I Blog About These Kind Of Things and Much More Crazy Crap I am sure of It.

    I Hope To Also send a Message that not all The Homeless are Dope Fiends and Crooks.This seems like a Silly thing to say but think about it. GOD BLESS ALL

  3. Four Bllion Dollars Earmerked For The Transbay Project and Not one dime earmarked for the Homeless Living at the Transbay Terminal.That is not only a slap in the face of Every Baby Boomer it is Apathy at its Best.

    Not All the Homeless Mentally Ill are Dope Fiends.Not all the Homeless are Mentally Ill.The Perception the Citizens have is Criminal.

    Four Billion With a B. That’s BILLION.Not Million.

    Four Million could have gone to the Homeless and that would have been one tenth of one percent


  4. What if One of these Citizens Living non the streets was Your Relative Would you Care? Probably Not! You would Ignore them and Pretend You did not see them.

    Society is selfish and truly Apathetic.

    Kindness Kills Apathy.