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Transbay Temporary Terminal Meetings

The first community meeting regarding the August 7th opening of the Transbay Temporary Terminal brought one new piece of information … the Greyhound bus services will commence on August 4th! You can watch news coverage of the meeting from KTVU-2 and CBS 5.

There are more meetings scheduled …

On July 26th, at 12pm and again at 6pm, a community meeting to discuss the demolition of the existing Transbay Terminal is scheduled at the Transbay JPA office, 201 Mission Street, Suite 2100.

On August 3rd, from 4pm -7pm, at the Transbay Temporary Terminal (Main and Howard Street), there is an open house with tours of the facility, refreshments, and giveaways.

On August 11th, at 10am, groundbreaking at the existing Transbay Terminal, public invited.

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