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Transbay Transit Center's $400 Million Grant

UPDATE: According to John Upton at the San Francisco Examiner, the U.S. Department of Transportation is indicating that Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has allocated $400 million of the $2.25 billion of the ARRA high-speed rail funds awarded to California specifically for the Transbay Transit Center’s construction of a subterranean train box. I’d like to see another confirmation, but let’s get ready to break out some champagne if it is true because it will mean construction can proceed and jobs can be created (and $100 million saved overall on the project)!

The good news is that the State of California will receive $2.25 billion in free money (consider it a payback for the surplus of tax dollars sent to Washington above the funds we receive back each year) to build segments of a high-speed rail system, including the segment between San Jose and San Francisco.

However, the federal government sorta left it up to the State of California to decide whether or not a portion of the $2.25 billion will go towards the Transbay Transit Center’s application for $400 million to build the subterranean train box during Phase I of the construction project set to begin this Spring (if funding is indeed there …). What does this mean in regards to when the Temporary Terminal will begin operating and when the existing Transbay Terminal will be demolished? I don’t believe anybody knows at the moment.

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