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Wayward SamTrans bus shelter a litter magnet

The bus stop shelter that sits beside the old Embarcadero Postal Center on Main Street between Folsom and Harrison seems to be a bit wayward in that it is the only Transbay-related bus stop that falls outside of the perimeter of the Temporary Transbay Terminal. The stop is used for the SamTrans KX bus line which is a bargain at $5 for a 30 minute ride to San Francisco International Airport.

While it can be handy to have a SamTrans KX bus stop in the Rincon Hill neighborhood for those of us who fly out of SFO airport for in and out business trips in the western states (and can observe the “no suitcase” rule for the bus), it sure does seem to attract a lot of litter.

Photo by Jamie Whitaker

Perhaps the parking lot operators who use the surface lot of the U.S. Postal Service-owned building (now that the postal carriers fleet of trucks and operations are at 550 Townsend Street) could have one of their employees pick up around their lot?

Photo by Jamie Whitaker

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