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2nd Street Improvement Project – 4 Design Options

You may have read about the 2nd Street Improvement Project in the San Francisco Chronicle.

The second community meeting happened a couple of Thursdays ago, but I’m happy to share that the San Francisco Department of Public Works has posted the four design options online and a survey for those of you who would like to provide your feedback on those design options.

At the meeting, I favored the Center Lane option because I knew that maintaining left hand turns along 2nd Street was a very important characteristic for South Beach neighbors who often drive on 2nd Street.  After the designs were posted online and I had more than just 2 hours to look at the four options and make a snap judgement, I’m favoring the 2-way Cycle Track design.  Let me tell you why.

Why do I favor the 2-way cycle track?

  • Safest for bicyclists – If I look at the four designs and consider which one I would feel safe allowing my parents to bicycle on (or a child that I loved dearly), the separated 2-way cycle track is the only option because the bicyclists will have their own traffic signals and they are physically protected from cars and buses along 2nd Street.
  • Slows traffic down on what should be a neighborhood, commercial corridor street and not a semi-freeway – While 3rd Street and 4th Street (and arguably 1st Street) are unlikely to ever be very safe and sane for pedestrians and bicyclists because they are naturally fed by streets coming from north of Market Street, 2nd Street does not have a natural feeder from the north side of Market.  It has a chance to be a pleasant street for all modes – and hopefully, speed freaks who endanger us with speeding in their cars will stay off of 2nd Street and stick with 3rd Street or 4th Street if they can’t drive safely at 25 MPH.
  • With the Better Market Street project trying to aim for safe bicycling .. and possible Cycle Tracks on Folsom and/or Howard Street, this would make a very nice compliment for safe bicycling.  The more folks who bicycle, the less driving – and the less air pollution filling out lungs with cancer-causing particulate matter.  What a nice idea to strive for, right?!?

Pedestrians score big wins at the 2nd Street entrance to South Park with a lovely bulb out and at Harrison Street where the two dedicated turn lanes are removed and a potential green/open space/playground/garden can go in its place.

Please check out the four designs and make your voice heard by filling in a survey and emailing a scan of it to Cristina C. Olea at DPW before October 12th!  This is a once-in-a-generation redesign of 2nd Street.

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