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340 Bryant Appeal – Vision Zero or ZERO VISION?

On Tuesday, April 7, 2015, there will a 3pm special hearing for the appeal of the exemption from environmental review of 340 Bryant’s new use as office space (formerly industrial) at City Hall, Room 250.

There is also a Board of Appeals hearing on Wednesday, April 8, 2015 at 5pm at City Hall in Room 416 about the office use decision – changing it from a sparsely population industrial use building to a high-intensity, high-density office use building.

The issue is that the Planning Department approved changing the use of the existing industrial building which only kept a handful of workers coming and going to the use of office space which will fit in around 300 office workers by today’s tech company standard of ~150 square feet per worker. There’s no traffic signal to stop traffic mid-block and allow for workers to safely cross Bryant Street, and this is what is desired of Supervisor Jane Kim and the other Supervisors to impose in observance of Vision Zero safety before the building is occupied with 300 office workers who will likely need to cross Bryant Street on foot 4 times per day (arrival, lunch out, lunch return, and going home).

Please watch this video I made for a more visual example of which building is 340 Bryant and its location – and the reason why the community is trying to make the Supervisors prioritize Vision Zero safety improvements and save lives.  Right now, it appears that Supervisor Jane Kim is not on board with a Vision Zero solution at 340 Bryant – your voice is needed to influence her to support Vision Zero at 340 Bryant!

340 Bryant – Deadly by Design, City Approved with ZERO VISION from SoMa Journal on Vimeo.

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