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2010 Census Data on a Map of Rincon Hill

Here’s what Rincon Hill’s 2010 Census data looks like mapped out (with the edge of South Beach included since they don’t have a MUNI bus running east of 2nd Street either.  While I have not put the time in to look at populations along the routes of the 37 Corbett, 36 Teresita, 39 Coit, 76 Marin Headlands, 16AX or 16BX Noriega Express lines, 35 Eureka, 56 Rutland, or 66 Quintara, I have a feeling that there’s a population in Rincon HIll that meets or exceeds many 1/2 mile segments of those lines.  I guess I’ll make that my Christmas Holiday project since I can’t seem to get anyone to acknowledge the disparity… not to mention how much more in revenues we provide the City.


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