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A new BART line running down Folsom Street in Rincon Hill?

While I believe it is pretty cool that AT&T Park will get some use this October as the home of the City’s newest football squad and a part of the inaugural season of the United Football League (watch for a contest to name the team at www.ufl-football.com), that isn’t today’s most interesting story. While education is always going to be a big deal to me because I descend from a long line of public school teachers, the story about the San Francisco USD rolling out a new method for assigning students to schools is very interesting and encouraging – but not the most important item to me in the news today.

The big story today (and kind of an old story if you’ve been paying attention to SPUR’s papers and talks) is the idea of expanding office buildings deeper south into the Rincon Hill neighborhood, stepping away from the skyline design goals currently on the drawing board for the area around the proposed Transbay Transit Tower, and setting up a BART line down Folsom Street.  Since the Rincon Hill neighborhood, hosting the Transbay Transit Center, is the multi-modal transit hub of the Bay Area, I believe it makes a lot of sense to build another BART line through Rincon Hill to complement the existing BART line that runs down Market Street.  I believe  it’d provide a good shot in the arm for economic development in SoMa and further discourage people from driving into the City – maybe even a chance to set up some pedestrian promenades on Folsom Street on the weekends or something like that when the office crowds who live outside of the City disappear.

The Shorenstein folks backed off of a proposal to set up office buildings on Piers 30/32 – maybe a BART line running down Folsom would influence Shorenstein or another developer to broach that possibility again.

 The only downside I can see to increasing the office space further south into the Rincon Hill neighborhood is that it may further take away neighborhood serving business/retail opportunities if we don’t stay on top of these plans and make sure they’re included.  In order to get an affordable meal, I typically go to Subway, Perry’s, Local Kitchen & Wine Merchant, or I hop on Muni and go to an entirely different neighborhood .. and I don’t believe that should always be my fate. I’d like to have a mix of options in Rincon Hill – would more office buildings hurt that possibility?

Thanks to SF Curbed for pulling the links together first.

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