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BART Strike – Be Extra Careful Walking and Bicycling

UPDATE: As you already likely know, BART averted a strike today … still be extra safe in our neighborhood and think about the idea of asking for traffic calming in Rincon Hill!


It sounds fairly certain that BART will cease operating on Sunday evening while BART organized labor members go on strike. During this time, there will likely be drivers in the Rincon Hill neighborhood who are unaccustomed to driving in downtown San Francisco and not used to paying attention to our stop lights on the sides of streets in some cases (especially Market Street) and sharing the road with bicyclists.

Please be extra careful when walking or bicycling around Rincon Hill and other downtown neighborhoods while we have additional drivers rolling around in their vehicles who would normally take BART.

This may be an opportunity to think about doing something to help improve pedestrian safety.  Some of us in the neighborhood are likely to pursue requesting a traffic calming study in Rincon Hill.  Please send me an email at RinconHill@gmail.com if you’re interested in working on that committee to improve pedestrian safety.

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