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Bike sharing is coming to the San Francisco waterfront!

Bike Share Station in Berlin, Germany. Photo: Ed Uyeshima

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) in partnership with the SFMTA is in the midst of planning  to deploy 500 bicycles along the San Francisco waterfront in spring 2012 as part of the agency’s 12-month Regional Bike Sharing Pilot Program.You can get a quick overview of the program as envisioned in San Francisco by reading these pilot program fact sheets or by reviewing this presentation (5MB file size) from the SFMTA.

Right now, the agencies are trying to figure out locations for the bicycle sharing stations and evaluating responses to a RFP from potential vendors for the pilot program.

As with any new public realm change in our neighborhood, I am a strong believer in residents being invited to provide feedback and to help shape the implementation of the program.  Why?  Let’s face it – very few of the full-time government agency employees involved with the projects affecting our neighborhoods actually live or know our neighborhoods along the SoMa waterfront very well. I would not buy a tour package for Morocco from someone who has only visited Morocco themselves once or twice, and I’m not eager to have folks who do not live in our neighborhood decide where to place 10′ wide, 20′ to 60′ long bicycle stations on our sidewalks or street parking spaces without some feedback from local residents.

To that end, please take a moment to look at the San Francisco Bicycle Share Pilot Service Area map and consider where residents, workers, and visitors might be most likely to start or end a bicycle trip on one of the shared bicycles. Please send your suggested locations and questions about the pilot program to the SFMTA’s primary representative for the program Heath Maddox at Heath.Maddox@sfmta.com – and do it soon as the earlier you get your opinions from a resident’s perspective in front of him, the better.  One thing I would encourage you to ask Heath is that the bike share stations be left off of our sidewalks and instead placed on the streets where auto parking otherwise occurs now.

Some locations that came to my mind to position some of the 50 bicycle share stations with 500 bicycles in our part of town:

  • Mission Bay branch library
  • Mission Creek Park
  • UCSF Mission Bay
  • Transbay Temporary Terminal
  • Ferry Building
  • Delancey Street plaza at The Embarcadero
  • Whole Foods (4th & Harrison)
  • Yerba Buena Gardens (near YBCA plaza)
  • Rincon Park
  • Ecker Street (by Golden Gate University off of Mission)
  • The Infinity (on the Spear Street side of widened sidewalk where there’s a big empty area of concrete with a few bike parking spots)
  • Battery/Market Street plaza
  • 555 Mission Street
  • One of the plazas in front of a Foundry Square office building at 1st and Howard Streets
  • Sue Bierman Park
  • Golden Gateway Commons or Sydney Walton Park
  • South Park
  • Mint Plaza (5th and Jessie)

SFMTA's Bike Share Pilot Service Area in shaded area downtown

Some other examples of bicycle sharing from Europe ….

Bike Share Station in Barcelona, Spain. Photo by Jamie Whitaker.


Bike Share Station in Ronda, Spain. Photo by Ed Uyeshima.

Bike Share Station in Milan, Italy. Photo by Ed Uyeshima

Bike Share Station in Seville, Spain. Photo by Ed Uyeshima.

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