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Car-free Market Street?

The Chronicle has an article about actions at the San Francisco County Transportation Authority to study the benefits and impacts of limited non-commercial vehicle travel on Market Street. My boyfriend posted a poll about this issue on his Examiner.com entry about a car-free Market Street.

Also in the news today that may be of interest ….
The San Francisco Chronicle’s years of losing money will be coming to an end one way or another, according to owner Hearst Corp. – story on SFGate.com

A June election that would have asked San Francisco voters to tax themselves more appears shelved until a later date (maybe July or November). I agree with Examiner columnist Ken Garcia that any campaign to vote on adding to the sales tax (going up to 9.5% starting April 1st after the State’s latest budget, and a proposal floating around City Hall might shove it up to 10% if voters were to approve the increase) should be called the “Marin Stimulus Package” or “Peninsula Recovery Act” because that’s where shoppers will go to save their money. – story on SFExaminer.com

San Francisciso Unified School District is in big financial trouble, and the City can only help so much while it faces a $400 million plus deficit of its own. Hundreds of teachers and administrators are most likely going to receive pink slips. In my opinion, with such a decrease in teachers we should empower the school district to toss any misbehaving, foolish children out on their ears to clean up parks or something so as to not detract from the educations of kids who attend public schools to learn and to prepare themselves to be productive in society. story on SFExaminer.com

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