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Car Runs Red Light on The Embarcadero, Strikes a Muni Bus, then a Pedestrian

I’m normally a relatively calm guy, but nothing lights my fuse quicker than people driving their cars too fast or otherwise endangering pedestrians and bicyclists by breaking traffic laws in my neighborhood.

Just the other day, I barked at some idiot driver pulling out from behind the Ferry Building in her stretch Hummer limousine who showed no intention to stop her vehicle despite the fact I was clearly walking across her path on the pedestrian promenade. I took advantage of her window being rolled down, gave her a hard look, and shouted at her, “Hold it! Hold it lady! Pedestrians have the right of way!” She did stop and let me cross, but why the heck should I have to remind her of the state traffic laws on my otherwise pleasant walk up The Embarcadero’s pedestrian promenade? If the police cannot enforce traffic laws downtown, how can residents send a clear signal to drivers that they cannot disregard traffic laws while driving in our neighborhood?

This Memorial Day morning, we had another example of a driver ignoring traffic laws and endangering others – actually sending a pedestrian to the hospital because of their decision to run a red light on The Embarcadero at Howard Street. You can read about the incident on the SFGate.com web site. The biggest danger to residents of the Rincon Hill neighborhood, in my humble opinion, is the threat of being hit by a driver who is speeding excessively, ignoring traffic laws, or who is otherwise distracted by mobile devices such as cell phones or text messaging while driving their vehicles.

Please join and/or donate to our City’s pedestrian advocacy group, Walk San Francisco. Pedestrian safety is my number one neighborhood concern, so I support the Walk San Francisco group with donations and by volunteering my time to update their web site and send out the e-news. I just redesigned the web site on Saturday, so please let me know if you spot anything that looks amiss.

Please be safe out there when walking or bicycling in Rincon Hill! Also, hold our City’s leadership accountable to make our streets safer for pedestrians and bicyclists with your phone calls to their offices and mention of pedestrian and bicycle safety whenever you’re speaking to them, publicly or privately.

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