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Cars, pedestrians in The City should be on the level

There’s a good editorial about pedestrian safety, focusing on Geary Boulevard, written by my friend (and President of Walk San Francisco) Manish Champsee in today’s San Francisco Examiner that I encourage you to read.

I believe that traffic calming and safer pedestrian streetscapes are very important issues for the Rincon Hill neighborhood. When thinking about traffic flow through our neighborhood, we should also ask ourselves about how emergency vehicles can access our properties during rush hour … should vehicles be allowed to pile up on Harrison Street the way they currently do to try to get in front of the folks already piled up on 1st Street to enter the Bay Bridge?

The main impetus for me starting this blog in February 2007 was a recognition soon after moving into the neighborhood that cars drive way too fast through our neighborhood, endangering pedestrians. As the Rincon Hill Neighborhood Association and the South Beach/Rincon/Mission Bay Neighborhood Associations grow their memberships in future years, I hope we’ll collaborate to insist that pedestrian safety be given a higher priority in the Rincon Hill (and surrounding) neighborhood. If somewhere around 44% of us walk to work and an even greater percentage walk around the neighborhood for recreation or to patronize local businesses, I believe this should be a very important issue for every single resident in Rincon Hill.

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