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Dangerous, Excessive Speeding in Rincon Hill Needs to Stop

Photo taken by Jamie Whitaker

If you walked up The Embarcadero’s Pedestrian Promenade on Sunday, you may have noticed that one of the old-style light poles was lying down on the sidewalk. It looks like a car was probably turning left onto The Embarcadero from Howard Street at an excessive speed and plowed into the light pole.

This is yet another graphic example of how the DPT and the SFPD need to help the Rincon Hill neighborhood to slow vehicular traffic down. I assume that no pedestrians were injured by the light pole getting run over by the vehicle that left skidmarks up on the sidewalk, but what if someone was taking a walk or a jog … or maybe their dog was running around at that point?

The City has to stop ignoring the excessive speeding of motorists in downtown San Francisco. While DPT might believe that their main focus is moving cars through the downtown area as quickly as possible, we need to jack them up with some phone calls and appearances in front of the Board of Supervisors telling them that we want enforcement to slow down the cars going through SoMa, we want our streetscape and traffic calming plans implemented to make Rincon Hill safer for pedestrians today … not in 7 years after several hit and run deaths and injuries.

This is the number one reason you should join the Rincon Hill Neighborhood Association. City Hall politicians don’t listen to individuals … but united groups of neighbors get things done because their votes together can toss politicians out onto their asses and will force them to earn a living where they won’t be able to blindly ignore their bosses (us, the constituents in the case of Supervisors and the Mayor).

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