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Embarcadero Pedestrian Crossing Signals Reprogramming Coming Soon!

With the exception of the crossing at Harrison Street and The Embarcadero, it seems like most of the crosswalk signals along The Embarcadero are too short in timing or otherwise deficient to keep pedestrians as safe as possible.  Thankfully, the South Beach | Rincon | Mission Bay Neighborhood Association got on the case about 2 years ago, and we should see more pedestrian-friendly crosswalk timings at the end of July as a result.  See the e-mail exchange below (and another huge thank you to South Beach neighbor Gary!).

Two years ago this month our Neighborhood Association members signed a petition which I submitted to the SFMTA regarding the vehicular speed on King / Embarcadero between Hwy 280 and The Ferry Bldg as well as the pedestrian crossing times  across King / Embarcadero for the same corridor.  The speed limit signs were reduced from 35 to 30mph (to match the speed limit north of the Ferry Bldg), but the pedestrian crossing times would take more time and more effort.
Will, I am pleased to share with you this email I received from the SFMTA advising that the pedestrian crossing times will be reviewed/addressed next month.
Best regards,
Gary Pegueros

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Hi Gary,


I want to provide you an update on where we are with the implementation of the signal timing improvements on The Embarcadero/King intersections.  It looks like implementation will happen over the weekend of July 21/22 as well as July 23rd and 24th.  The Embarcadero/King intersections south of the Ferry Building are scheduled to be completed over that weekend, with the remaining intersections to be done on the 23rd and 24th.  We had originally scheduled implementation for next weekend, but could not secure the services of our parking control officers needed for traffic control.




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