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Embarcadero traffic gridlock delaying ambulances

Just a casual Saturday afternoon around 2:30 p.m. this past November 9, 2013 – no special events scheduled along the waterfront.  Yet, traffic was gridlocked as it often is on Saturday mornings/afternoons. When someone called for emergency medical help, they’re ambulance was delayed and forced to take a questionably safe alternative route of the MUNI Metro train tracks to get around the traffic jam on the northbound lanes of The Embarcadero.  What happens when they run into a train on the tracks? They have nowhere to go. How do pedestrians, bicyclists, and other drivers know to expect a 40 miles-per-hour vehicle coming from the Piers 30-32 area south of the Bay Bridge towards the Ferry Buidling?

With existing conditions endangering peoples’ lives, how in the world can the City keep the SFCTA’s Congestion Pricing Plans shelved since December 14, 2010?   Why are the Mayor and Board of Supervisors prioritizing economic developments at the expense of public safety, health, and well-being?


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