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Harrison Street closure for a weekend of skateboarding?

I usually walk home after dark, so I do not really see stuff taped to telephone polls in our so-so lit sidewalks.  This morning (full sunshine in effect), I noticed a public notice from SFMTA that looks like it got posted to a light pole sometime after September 6th but just before a meeting on September 13th that sounds like Rincon Hill will be hosting an event for the Dew Tour Skateboard somethingorother for the weekend of October 19th through 22nd.  Oh yeah, and it requires Harrison Street to be closed between Fremont and Spear Streets for the full weekend.  That’s probably not an issue for the data server company at 365 Main which probably doesn’t have many employees coming and going on the weekend.  However …. there is a 288-unit residential building at 201 Harrison that I live in that may have some issues.

Seeing as how 1/3rd of BayCrest Towers’ residents’ cars have to enter and exit from Harrison Street between Main and Fremont, I’ll be interested to know if SFMTA has 1) bothered telling our building management about this closure thing or just figured people will see 8.5×11 pieces of paper plasticwrapped on lightpoles with about a week’s time to notice them and 2) how many lanes is SFMTA going to keep clear for residents to enter and exit the parking garage located on Harrison Street?

Of course the other matter is whether the event organizer is required to plastic wrap everything for several blocks because we all know that skateboard events attract kids who love to put stickers all over any surface they can find.


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