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Hit or miss MUNI 14-Mission bus stop

If you are going to catch an outbound 14-Mission MUNI bus in the Rincon Hill neighborhood, please let me suggest that you go to a stop other than the one at Spear and Mission Streets. Apparently, some drivers believe that only 14x and 14Limited bus lines stop at Spear and Mission. This despite the primary labeling and the digital NextBus display referring to the regular 14-Mission bus at the Spear and MIssion Streets bus shelter.

I wasted 14 minutes of my life on Wednesday as a 14-Mission driver acknowledged me and shrugged his shoulders as he drove right past without stopping. I walked up to the Beale and Mission Street stop, and the next 14-Mission bus picked me up there. I asked the driver if the 14-Mission is supposed to stop at Spear and Mission Streets, and the driver said no … only 14x and 14Limited buses.

Photo by Jamie Whitaker

Later in the day, I tried again just out of curiosity to catch a 14-Mission at Spear and Mission Streets. A bus did indeed stop and pick me up, and the driver indicating that 14-Mission buses should be stopping there to pick up passengers.

Rather than waste minutes of your life that you’ll never get back because of a misinformed 14-Mission bus driver rolls right by the Spear and Mission Street stop, I suggest you go to Steuart and Mission or Beale and Mission.

Photo by Jamie Whitaker

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