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Improved Pedestrian Safety Thanks to Residents Stepping Up

We are very lucky to have a strong, involved leader in the Walk San Francisco pedestrian advocacy group as one of our neighbors. Katy L.’s passion for pedestrian safety improves the quality of life for us all.

Here is an account of her latest progress in making Rincon Hill and South Beach safer for people who enjoy walking (read full post on the Walk San Francisco web site):

About 30 residents collaborated in September to submit a list of unsafe intersections to the mayor’s office for action. Jason Chan, the liaison for District 6 in the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services, worked with both the MTA and the SFPD to push for action. The following positive changes have been made as a result:

All-Red Clearances installed at:
• Main & Folsom
• Harrison & Spear
• Harrison & 2nd
• Harrison & Essex

(Partial) Crosswalks repainted at:
• Main & Harrison
• Main & Folsom
• Main & Howard
• Embarcadero & Brannan
• Harrison & Spear

The MTA also approved installation of a center crossing island at 2nd & South Park.

Congratulations to all the proactive residents who took the time to participate in this successful drive for action.

Thank you Katy, as well as District 6 Liaison Jason Chan with the Mayor’s Office, for stepping up to the plate and doing something to make walking in downtown San Francisco safer for us all!

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