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Legless man struck, killed by mail truck

In case you cannot tell, pedestrian safety in San Francisco is one of my personal pet peeve issues. This City’s Mayor, Supervisors, SF MTA, and Police need to start explaining why their actions favor vehicular traffic over pedestrian rights while trying to encourage us to walk, bicycle, and ride public transit with their speeches.

Here’s the article about the latest victim of San Francisco’s preference for vehicular traffic over pedestrians: Legless man struck, killed by mail truck.

Here’s a link to my posting last week on this issue after reading an article in the SF Examiner: SFPD Can’t Control Speeders.

We deserve action, not words, from our elected leaders, street engineers, and public safety employees. Maybe we need to deputize citizens who buy their own radar guns to start clocking their corners and handing out tickets? I can afford an hour here and there in the name of safety for us all.

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