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Muni and other Fee Increases – SFMTA Board Meeting Tuesday

Fresh from reducing services on December 5, 2009 (like no No. 12 Folsom buses east of 2nd Street or along The Embarcadero and no N-Judah metro service past Embarcadero Station on the weekends), the SFMTA Board will be considering additional service reductions and fee/fare increases to help close a budget gap. There are many sides pushing and pulling (everybody wants somebody else to pick up the tab, I guess you could say), but I believe most of us living in Rincon Hill moved here because we’d like to walk, ride bicycles, and use public transit rather than add on a wholesale basis to greenhouse gases and traffic congestion in San Francisco. With that in mind, I share Walk San Francisco’s message about tomorrow’s SFMTA Board meeting ….

SFMTA Board Meeting
The SFMTA has just released revised budget projections for the current fiscal year.  Due to the Mayor’s reluctance to raise money by extending meter hours, the proposals to close the budget gap are dire.  This on top of the hike in the Fastpass to $60 per month and $70 per month if you want to ride on BART and the service changes that took effect on December 5.  The proposals include:

-Raising the cost to ride the F-line to $5
-Requiring riders to buy the $70 Fastpass in order to ride the Cable Cars and Express Buses
-Raising the fares for seniors, disabled and youth passes to $30/month.  Triple what it was just 6 months ago
-Reductions in service by reducing the frequency of buses along some lines as well as the operating hours.

Increased fares and reduced service means that people will choose to drive rather than take MUNI.  This means increased greenhouse gas and congestion, slowing down buses and endangering pedestrians and cyclists.

Tell the Mayor and SFMTA Board that enough is enough.  If you can please come out to the SFMTA Board Meeting on Tuesday January 19th at 2pm at City Hall Room 400.  It is Item 11 on the agenda.  If you an’t make it to the meeting, please send an email to gavin.newsom@sfgov.org and mtaboard@sfmta.com telling them:

-How the fare increases and service changes have affected you
-Riders should not bear the brunt of the current financial meltdown
-Extended hours meters and Sunday meters need to be a part of any solution

And please spread the word.  Click on this link to attend the event on Facebook.  We recognize that many people work during the day.  Streetsblog is going to update their Facebook and Twitter pages with updates during the meeting so that you can figure out if its worthwhile stopping by City Hall after work to testify.

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