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Muni Bus Service Overhaul

Photo taken by Jamie Whitaker

If you are a fan and/or a rider on MUNI as I am, then you may be interested to learn what they’ve been working on over the past couple of years to try to improve their service. A good summary article appears on SFgate.comclick here to read it.

The #12 bus that turns on to Harrison Street from The Embarcadero may not run through Rincon Hill much longer, if I’m reading the planned route change map correctly. That’s fine, I suppose … I tend to go for the closest MUNI line that offers the most frequent pick-ups, and that tends to be the N-Judah or T-Third Muni Metro lines at Folsom and The Embarcadero.

See all the wonderful documents and presentations online.

Keep an eye out for upcoming public meetings about their plans …

One Response to Muni Bus Service Overhaul

  1. The 12 would still get pretty close to Rincon Hill, though, using 2nd Street. The MTA also proposed turning the 19-Polk into a downtown loop, which would stop at 2nd/Folsom — giving Rincon Hill residents a one-seat ride to a whole slew of destinations in SoMa, downtown, and adjacent neighborhoods.