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Muni Service Changes Effective December 5, 2009

Although we knew the day was coming when our transit options for going across SoMa were going to be decreased, we did not know when the changes would go into effect until today. 

Say goodbye to the Embarcadero/Rincon Hill segment of the #12 Folsom bus line – starting December 5th, you will need to walk over to 2nd Street if you want to travel to western SoMa on that line or walk up to Mission Street to grab a 14 Mission bus.  Also, the N Judah will cease traveling from Embarcadero Station to the Caltrain Station on weekends and holidays – the T-Third metro service remains unchanged.

As an alternative to Muni, you might consider buying a TransLink card and using BART instead of Muni to the extent possible to get around town – it is a cheaper ride ($1.75 within San Francisco at the moment, 25 cents cheaper per ride than Muni without the 1.5 hour transfer time) and often much more pleasant in my experience.

The SFMTA web site  lists all of the Muni service changes effective December 5, 2009.

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