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Parking meter costs and operational hours may increase

The San Francisco Examiner contains an article today about parking meters that discusses proposed increases to the costs (a 50 cent increase per hour) and to hours of operation (extending the end time from 6 pm up to 10pm in many cases). In the Rincon Hill neighborhood, we’ve seen parking meters added to stretches of Harrison Street while residents were able to raise a ruckus and preserve some street parking for residential permits (Area Y I believe it is).  Of course the cynical among us will think that such changes will not affect many metered parking spaces downtown nor help revenues for SFMTA because vehicles with handicap placards tend to utilize most of the spaces at no cost.  On the bright side, it should drive more cars into parking garages where they belong if drivers intend to be parked for multiple hours or it will persuade more folks to use public transit.  However …. service cuts to San Francisco public transit are also on the drawing board, hampering the ability of people to get around. 

Will the ultimate result be more businesses closing and employees losing their jobs because people shop elsewhere and avoid the 9.5% sales tax and transit hassle of coming to San Francisco?

As an aside, the San Francisco Chronicle discusses the state budget mess and what may happen if voters decide they do not want to add any more taxes on themselves as a result of the May 19th special election.

2 Responses to Parking meter costs and operational hours may increase

  1. Raise the rates. Good. The price is too low, and this is obvious because there is never any parks! Raising the price will more efficiently distribute parking spaces to those who need them.

    Of course a government monopoly will probably never set the prices properly.

  2. The 400%-900% (not a typo!) increase in motorcycle parking meter rates hardly seems like it will encouraged congestion friendly 2 wheeled commuting.