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Pedestrian Deaths Increased in 2007

As readers of this blog or attendees of the Rincon Hill Neighborhood Association meeting the other night know, pedestrian safety is one of my pet issues. I believe it should be an important issue for anyone who lives or works in the Rincon Hill neighborhood.

A report came out yesterday that indicated a 50% rise in fatalities in pedestrian-versus-auto collisions in 2007 compared to 2006 (24 compared to 16). No less alarming, more than 50% of the pedestrians killed by vehicles were senior citizens aged 65 or older in 2007.

In my mind, it all comes down to folks driving excessively fast and not paying attention (distracted with cell phones, text messaging, coffee, etc.). Rincon Hill will always host the Bay Bridge, which is a part of Interstate 80. However, as the high-rise condos in Rincon Hill fill up with new residents and the Temporary Transbay Terminal (along with the various construction projects) makes driving through our neighborhood more challenging, we need to work together to try to improve pedestrian safety by forcing drivers to slow down when passing through.

In today’s City Star, the City’s injury prevention coordinator mentions that a pedestrian struck by a vehicle traveling 20 miles an hour will survive 85% of the time while a pedestrian hit by a car going 40 miles an hour dies 85% of the time.

Please drive safely in Rincon Hill and join with neighbors to improve pedestrian safety around our homes. Consider joining the City’s pedestrian safety advocacy group Walk San Francisco.

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