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Pedestrian Hit by MUNI Train at 2nd and King Streets

According to SFGate.com, a pedestrian was hit by a MUNI train at 2nd and King Streets in South Beach last evening. It is a reminder to be extra careful when crossing the tracks … or the street in general.

After visiting AT&T Park on Saturday afternoon to take the free FanFest tour of the Giants locker room and dugout, I decided to walk on over to Borders Books on the opposite corner from the ballpark to see what was new in the non-fiction area. The vehicles driving northbound on King Street, across 3rd Street, were driving excessively fast, as if they were still on highway 280. This is a danger that needs to be addressed by the City, but it probably won’t be addressed unless a loud, united group of area stakeholders make the noise to get the needed changes.

I’m curious to see how traffic patterns change in the Rincon Hill neighborhood now that the Harrison Street exit off of the westbound level of the Bay Bridge reopened this morning. Folks already tend to drive fast and ignore pedestrians in Rincon Hill when turning corners. I hope that as a community we can work with the City’s MTA folks to get traffic calming and other physical impediments installed to slow vehicles down in our neighborhood. Unfortunately, the talk I’ve always heard out of the mouths of DPT folks is that they want to get cars through the neighborhood as quickly as possible (my interpretation: I could give a damn about pedestrians, really).

I believe it’d be nice to stick some new stop signs in the ground and set up mid-block pedestrian crosswalks in the middle of some of our long, currently uninterrupted blocks that allow for cars to build up speed. Streets like 1st, Fremont, Beale, Main, and Spear could all be broken up to help keep cars from speeding excessively through Rincon Hill.

Something to think about … and a reason to join the Rincon Hill Neighborhood Association if you’d like to work with others on pedestrian safety in our neighborhood.

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